Hull Plug Construction

Well the plug for the new hull has arrived and final preparation in underway (See below).We are planning to start mold construction this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates!

Nearly completed hull plug
Nearly completed hull plug

Team members busily sanding the plug
Team members busily sanding the plug

A Long Overdue Update

I thought a quick update on the teams progress was far overdue. Now that most of the team has returned from co-op, we are able to get right back into things and improve the submarine for the next competition.

As far as the submarine is concerned we are planning on overhauling the majority of the internal systems, including the gearbox and drive train, steering system, and the emergency buoy. While we’re working on all of this, we also have a 4th year capstone team working a on the design of a new hull.

Fairing the Hull

So at this point we are nearly one full can of Bondo into the particularly dusty step of fairing the hull.  The first half of the hull is coming along quite nicely and the second half – although it still needs some work – should hopefully be following suit as soon as we get a warm(er), dry day.

More good news, SUBC managed to acquire sponsorship from CD-adapco, who have graciously offered to supply the team with several licenses for STAR-CCM+. With this powerful fluid dynamics software the team can now work on designing more efficient control surfaces and propulsion systems.

Finally, we are hoping to have a booth at this years upcoming E-fest at Vancouver Public Library. I will post more information once we have confirmed we will be there.


Our progress to date:

  • Hull mold complete
  • First half of hull nearing completion
  • Data acquisition hardware under way

More updates to come.