The mold is complete and in the progress of being taken off. Here’s how it looked before being removed. There are two layers of 1/2 oz. chopped strand mat, two layers of glass cloth, and four layers of 1.5 oz. mat. The black colour comes from the tooling gelcoat which makes up the inside surface of the mold.

SUBC will be setup in the Cheeze courtyard from 2:30 until 5:00 tomorrow as part of the Imagine Day festivities. Team members will be there to answer questions about the team, competition, department, or really anything else that comes up. So, if you’re curious about the team, drop on by and pay us a visit.

With the school year once again starting that means that another IMAGINE Day has come to pass at UBC. SUBC held a booth with Skookumchuck, our ISR 11 entry from this past summer.  There was lots of interest in the submarine and it was great to be able to show off our finished product.