Hey there, I thought I’d give a little update on what we are currently working on at SUBC. For the past little while we’ve been working on fairing the hull shaped plug we are using to make the mold. However, this being complete, we are now ready to move on to epoxying the surface of the plug, then on to making the actual mold!

Before we do this, we decided it would be best to do a series of tests to verify compatibility of materials. Such tests included, testing if epoxy resin and fiberglass chopped strand mat is readily separable from our release wax, and if the epoxy resin will have any negative reactions with the hull plug itself.

Initial results appear promising (i.e. nothing caught fire or dissolved), however some will need to wait at least a day before we’ll have the results we are looking for. After that we should have the information we need to continue with mold construction and we will, hopefully, have a completed mold by early December.