Projects For Skookumchuck Mark V (2019 Competition)

Major Re-designs:

  • Mechanical Steering: Using a push-pull cable system to create a robust backup steering system
  • Electrical Steering: Allowing for more precise control of the submarine
  • Automated Buoyancy Control: Designed to keep the submarine at a specific depth
  • Frame: Creating a modular system to easily install and remove the various components


  • Safety System: Reducing the overall size and increasing buoy release reliability
  • Hatch: Optimizing the latch and release mechanisms
  • Hull: Conforming the view-port to the hull and making the overall hull more hydrodynamic
  • Drivetrain: Reducing gearbox size and creating a more reliable chain drive system

Skookumchuck Mark VI (2020 Competition)

Skookumchuck Mark VI will be our first non-propeller submarine and will compete in the 2020 competition. The first year is mainly about researching various propulsion methods and determining their feasibility. Soon we will begin hull and gearbox design as the first two major components.